Sunday, November 10, 2013

Claude Giroux is BACK

Nothing could over shadow Claude Giroux, as he wooed the Philadelphia fans, scoring his first goal of the season. With his goal during yesterday’s game, Giroux reassures the fans and the team that he is their fearless leader, ready to captain them into the play-offs. The Flyers tallied another win, boosting their record to 5-10-1 last night during their 16th game of the season.

Although the Flyers have fallen to the last place in the metropolitan division, they fall only 5 points behind the other competitive team of the division. Everyone thought that Giroux’s comment about heading to the plays-offs was a pipe dream but if they start winning consistently they will once again be competitive in their division. It’s still early in the season they could recover and come back, if in fact they have found their groove.

This week will be a test for the Philadelphia Flyers new groove as they face the Ottawa Senators, Pittsburgh Penguins and Winnipeg Jets. More than likely we will both see Ray Emery and Steve Mason in net, as the Flyers try to boost their record from their slow start 5-10-1.

My prediction for the Philadelphia Flyers week is: They will beat the Ottawa Senators, fall to the Pittsburgh Penguins but only after dropping the gloves and taking the boys for a few rounds and they will win over the Winnipeg Jets, who are also last in their division. The combination of energy and confidence from Giroux and Scott Hartnell is contagious and I think that the rest of the team will feel that as well and step everyone’s game back up to the level they should have been playing all along.

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