Friday, December 27, 2013

My Three Favorite Things this week

Where is the puck? Is it in the net? In a bizarre play during the overtime game between the Coyotes and Sabres the puck landed perfectly on the back of the Coyote goaltender’s pants right before he slide deep into the net. As he crossed the goal line he scored for the Sabers. The puck was perched perfectly on back of his pants and it was deemed a good goal, sparking celebration for the winning Sabres.

There are 6 outdoor games scheduled for this year and one in a quite unconventional hockey venue: Dodger Stadium in California on January 25 between the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings. With historical temperatures averaging at a high of 68 and low of 48 degrees the fans will not have to bundle up that much, but some are wondering how successful this game will be. Let’s go into the archives circa 1991, Las Vegas hosted an exhibition game outdoors at Caesars Palace between the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings in September where temps were in the 80s during the game.

And, brought to you by Lunis Klasen from Sweden. A goal that could be deemed the best shootout goal ever.

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