Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stanley Cup Final Game 2

The Chicago Blackhawks took to the ice strong tonight against the Boston Bruins, leading in shots on goal during the first period.  The Blackhawks had great depth on their blue line and were taking to the forecheck.  After back and forth play through the neutral zone, the Blackhawks had a flurry of shots on goal against the Bruins and finally got the puck past Tuukka Rask, giving the Blackhawks a 1 to nothing lead.  The Blackhawks dominated the first period and Rask was the Bruins MVP during that period and the key element to keeping the score low and manageable for the Bruins come back. The Bruins came back stronger in the second period getting into a groove late in the period with a goal.  The Bruins finally started bring the heat and the speed, just as it appeared the Blackhawks started to slow down. Third period was a wash with no goals and the series again was pushed into overtime.  The Bruins and Blackhawks traded chances during over time but in the end the Bruins tied up the series with an overtime goal.
For the second time in this series, the team that won did not lead during the game. The Blackhawks started off this game strong but were up against a stone wall in the Bruins net, Tuukka Rask, blocking 18 of 19 shots during the first period. Although the Blackhawks dominated the Bruins during the first period, the Bruins began to push the pace with their defense and got physical in the second period, turning their opportunities around.  The Blackhawks lost the momentum of the game after the first period and continue to struggle on their power play.  The Bruins came through with goals from unlikely sources, Kelly and Paille.  With top lines going toe to toe both teams need goals from unlikely sources on their third and fourth lines. This tied series will meet again in Boston on Monday and either the Bruins or Blackhawks will lead the series after Game 3. Let's go!!

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