Monday, June 3, 2013

L.A Kings continue to struggle

Game 2 was horrendous for the L.A Kings who continue to struggle during the Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks. It did not help the L.A Kings that the Western Conference started with back to back games during such an important series. The Chicago Blackhawks are on a 5 game winning streak and looking to knock the Stanley Cup defending champions out of the 2013 Stanley Cup contenders with little trouble. The Hawks opened up scoring within the first minute of play last night, taking the early lead and keeping it during the entire 60 minutes of play. With 50 seconds left of the first period the Hawks secured a 2 point lead over the scoreless L.A Kings.  Despite being out-shot by the L.A Kings during the first period the Hawks held a nice lead going into the second period, which started off with a set of goals, advancing the Hawk’s  lead to 4-0. The Kings benched Jonathan Quick, who had let 4 goals slip by him, in favor of backup goaltender Jonathan Bernier.  Carter was finally able to get the Kings on the board with his second period goal but the Kings had farther to go in a Game 2 that was already standing at 4-1 score as the second period ended.  This game was not hopeless for the L.A Kings who could have come back in the 3rd period but the reality of their game was not so bright.  The L.A Kings came back to score 1 goal in the 3rd period cutting the Hawks lead in half but with only a little over a minute of play in regulation time left  the Kings would have needed a miracle. There was no miracle last night for the Kings, as they enter Game 3.  The L.A Kings had a very physical weekend and were able to out hit the Hawks but not much more than that.  The team is missing and struggling without Mike Richards after a hard hit from Dave Bollands on Saturday in Game 1.  With one day of rest and Game 3 on home ice, it is time for Sutter and the L.A Kings to respond to their two game deficit.  If the L.A Kings are playoff contenders they have to come back for a strong win in Game 3, they are the Stanley Cup defending champions; this team has to get their act together.  The Blackhawks are looking to sweep this series; their defense has done a great job at getting the puck out of their own zone and their second line scored all four points during game 2 last night. The Blackhawks are gunning to make this series short, could it end on Thursday?

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