Monday, October 7, 2013

Philadelphia Flyers drama

This morning’s press conference really did not give an insight to the Flyers plans post Laviolette much more than naming the assistant coach, Craig Berube to the head coaching position. Everything Paul Holmgren and Ed Snider said was common knowledge, leading the on lookers to believe this team and management does not have a plan to get out of the hole that they have dug themselves into. In fact, with this decision they will either be successful or burry themselves at the bottom of the newly aligned very competitive metropolitan division.

Not a surprise that the Flyers named Craig Berube to head coach, as the Flyers always seem to draw from within their own organization. Historically, the Flyers organization has chosen coaches that have a connection with the Philadelphia Flyers, which is a reason the Flyers keep experiencing the same problems. Now that Holmgren is looking for a change, it would be imagined that he would draw from outside of the organization in order to find someone that could add new and different dimensions to the team and hurriedly get them looking like Stanley Cup contenders, which is no doubt the goal of this coaching change.

Over the past months, there have been conflicting messages coming from the Flyers team and management. During the off season Ed Snider gave Laviolette a strong vote of confidence and later denied that Laviolette was on the hot seat. But now three games in Laviolette is out. To end camp Laviolette took the team to spend bonding time in Lake Placid. Coming back from the trip, captian Claude Giroux had positive thoughts about the bonding and team chemistry from the time spent in Lake Placid. Then just today in the press conference Holmgren commented that he was not pleased with Laviolette during training camp but, management being excited about changes made to the team during the summer gave Laviolette the benefit of the doubt for a positive change but ultimately Holmgren did not like the way the Flyers have played. I don't think Holmgren or Snider have a game plan.

Starting the season with three losses and now a change in coaching staff, with foreseeable more changes coming, it is hard to look at this team and expect greatness when there is little stability. The Flyers are looking for a fresh voice and new ideas but they are choosing a coach that was bread within the organization, there is nothing fresh or new about that. Ultimately the Flyers are still on the down turning road to destruction and there is one common thread: Paul Holmgren. During the press conference today, Ed Snider seemingly voiced his support of the GM but historically his support is wavering and short lived. What is in store for the Flyers this season and better yet, is Paul Holmgren the next victim on the chopping block. Ilya Bryzgalov is in Vegas having a nice laugh at this Flyers saga.

There are no doubts that Peter Laviolette will land on his feet with another hockey team; previously he has coached the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Islanders. Laviolette is a great coach and has done great things with the Flyers. After relentless frustrations the Flyers are now looking for a change and although it seems to lay heavily on the shoulders of Berube, I think that is a temporary situation to relieve a snap decision made by Holmgren. Could we be hearing the names of: Hextall, Recchi, Dejardins or Murray returning to the Philadelphia ice as coaches?

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