Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chicago Blackhawks come back to win the series and advance to the Western Conference Finals

The Chicago Blackhawks played a nail biting third period yesterday in Game 7 against the Detroit Red Wings after a bad call during the third period of their tied game pushed the game into over time.  The Blackhawks and the Red Wings pushed the pace during Game 7 last night in Chicago.  With a scoreless first period, both teams had opportunities on each end of the ice, although the Blackhawks had out-shot the Red Wings 13-11. Moving into the second period the Blackhawks continued to dominate and their stretch passes finally paid off as they landed the puck in the net taking the lead 1-0. The Blackhawks had continued to out shoot the Red Wings in the second period.  The Red Wings brought the heat in the third period, looking to redeem the one goal game.  Zetterberg scored to tie the game during the first 26 seconds of the third period – Crawford, goaltender for the Blackhawks, never moved from the crease leaving a wide open net undefended.  If the Red Wings had played with the same pressure they brought during the first minutes of the third period this might have been a different Game 7 for them.  In the final minutes of this tied Game 7 it appeared that the Blackhawks had claimed the game winning score but the Official in the neutral zone was waving off the goal. The goal was waived off due to coincidental minor penalties that happened behind the play prior to the goal.  This bad call could have been detrimental to the Blackhawks playoff dreams but the Red Wings were given a second chance to win Game 7 with only 1:24 minutes left it was still a one goal game.  The game was pushed into overtime.  Brent Seabrook landed the puck in the back of the net 3:55 minutes into over time and the game was won by the Blackhawks.  After the bad call during the third period it was concerning that the Blackhawks would lose the opportunity to go to the Conference Finals but we were reassured that there are HOCKEY GODS and the correct team still won!!! After losing three straight games and in danger of elimination from the playoffs the Blackhawks had an exhilarating  come back to win the series last night sending the Blackhawks to the Conference finals against the Stanley Cup defending champions, the LA Kings.

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