Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finishing the Season Strong, Wayne Simmonds hat trick

Even though they are not play off contenders the Philadelphia Flyers and Carolina Hurricanes’ gave it their best efforts last night as they faced off for the third and final time this season.  The Flyers went for the season sweep, winning all three matchups, making this the 13th consecutive time the Flyers have won the season series against Carolina.  The Flyers arrived ready to win as they determinedly took shots on net.  The Flyers were out playing the Hurricanes’ early in the game and they continued their performance into the second period as Wayne Simmonds claimed back-to-back goals only 7 minutes apart. Over the first 2 periods the Flyers had taken 30 shots on goal, with only a score of 3-2 to show for their efforts.  A resilient team but seemingly always a day late and a dollar short, the Flyers were able to celebrate some outstanding achievements during the game last night: Jakub Voracek scored his 20th goal in 44 games and Wayne Simmonds celebrated his 1st hat trick that came in the 3rd period.  Simmonds clinched a 4-2 lead for the Flyers and with a good portion of the period left to play it was reassuring to see the Flyers continue to play the full 60 minutes.  The Hurricanes’ challenged the Flyers edging closer and making the game competitive but the Flyers were able to take home a win, 5-3.
Regardless of not being eligible for play offs, there is still hockey to be played and last night the Flyers did not give up. Voracek has had a break out season, scoring 20 goals in 44 games and it’s only a shame that there won’t be many more games for him this season. Wayne Simmonds has 14 goals for the season and last night he played with a sense of urgency and determination.  Nicely done Simmonds. Steve Mason has been a great addition to the team, with his fresh start the young goaltender appears to be thriving.  Already starting in the net for the Flyers, Mason has a strong glove hand and great control of the puck and it would be nice to see him start in back-to-back games before the season ends.  For a team with not much to play for other then pride they appear to be coming through, the question still remains: where have they been all season? Another question: who is to blame for the poor performance?  With playoffs not in the equation for this team Laviolette has many young players to develop and during these last games he has the opportunity to give them a lot of ice time. As the Flyers work to achieve what ever realistic goals they have left, there are only three games left until they hang up their skates for the season.

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