Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Winning Streak Continues for the Flyers

The winning streak continues for the Philadelphia Flyers tonight against the Montreal Canadiens, 5-3. For the first time this season the Flyers have won 3 in a row. Montreal came out strong and controlled the 1st period but the Flyers were able to out play the Canadiens by the 3rd period.  After an inconsistent season, the Flyers are finally coming into their game. Just two weeks ago the Flyers were unable to come back from a deficit but recently they have mastered the 3rd period come backs. 

During the first period the Canadiens set a fast paced rate and the Flyers attempted to keep up. Dominating the first period the Canadiens took the lead. Nothing new for the Canadiens, who have scored first in 25 out of their 36 games this season. Simmonds and Rinaldo’s fights brought the energy back into the Flyers game tonight. The Flyers came back in the 2nd period with a lucky goal, but every goal counts no matter how you get it. Then a second score by Gange gave the Flyers their first lead 2-1, that was quickly taken away by back to back scores from the Canadiens 3-2.  It seemed about time to take Bryzgalov out of the game but Peter Laviolette left him in the net.  During the end of the 2nd period the Flyers were generating a lot of chances, nearly tying the game, but the Canadiens remained ahead. 

The Flyers have been playing hard but they had to dominate the Canadiens in the 3rd period in order to win and that is what they did.  A team that has been playing noticeably different recently, was able to deal with their deficit and did not get down when they were down in the 3rd period.  Hartnell was able to gain a power play for the team, instead of giving away a power play. Price, Goaltender for the Canadiens, has been blocking everything and everything the Flyers shoot at the goal ends up blocked by Price. Then in the last four minutes of the 3rd period, Simmonds scores followed by a back to back score and then an open net score and they take the game 5-3. 

The Flyers have become masters at the 3rd period come back. Last season they referred to themselves as the come back kids and it looks like they have redeem some of those qualities. The Flyers don’t get down when they are down, they owned their home ice. Simmonds continually drove the puck to the net and the Flyers put the pressure on Goaltender Price and it paid off in the end for the team. The Flyers were winning board battles and puck battles and eventually they started winning on the board as well. The Philadelphia Flyers claim the 11th seed in the conference with the win tonight against the Montreal Canadiens. 

As the Flyers take their game on the road to Toronto they may be down another player, as Zac Rinaldo left the game early with a lower body injury.  This team will have to put the pressure on right away in the first 10 minutes against Toronto.  With this 3rd straight win, the Flyers have proven they have what it takes to go all the way, but when will the injuries end for this team? The team is still taking these games one at a time, as they should, focusing on what is current and taking the game goal by goal. With any luck, this new Flyers team is here to stay.

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