Saturday, May 18, 2013

Amazing Playoff Hockey: Red Wings vs. Blackhawks Game 2

In the Western Conference Semifinals the Detroit Red Wings played an outstanding hockey game to tie their series, 1-1, against the Chicago Blackhawks.  This game was the definition of amazing playoff hockey with the Detroit Red Wings playing a strong hockey game. The Wings came out rested with a good first period and built on that, just like they built on their game during the regular season.  Kane banked the first goal for Chicago during the first period.  The third line for the Red Wings pulled through again to create the momentum for their game tying goal in the second period, scored by Defenseman  Kindl.  Then late in the second period the Red Wings found a break and Smith scored claiming a 2-1 lead.  The Wings ran away with the game during the third period banking 2 goals by Franzen and Flippula.  Game 2 favored the Wings, who had 30 shots on goal compared to the Blackhawks 20. The Wings out played the Blackhawks in the first period during Game 1, then sizzled out losing the game 4-1, but in Game 2 they were able to come back rested and play the remainder of the game equally as strong to take home a great win.  The Blackhawks were playing from behind for the entire game, chasing the puck around the ice as the Wings held possession. During the third period the Blackhawks did not make any kind of substantial push in an attempt to win the game, they appeared very frustrated.  The Wings head home for home ice advantage in Game 3. The series is now on between these two teams.  The favored Blackhawks have a day to get their team in order, no rest for the weary they will have 3 days between game 3 and 4 for rest. These teams know that winning this series will not be easy and some intense hockey is in their future.  

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