Sunday, May 12, 2013

Penguins finish off the Islanders in Game 6

            The Penguins got it done last night ending their series with the N.Y Islanders during over time.  Vokoun, hot off of a shutout from Game 5 was back in net for the Penguins, as Fleury warmed a spot on the bench.  Vokoun’s goaltending last night was not without errors, his game left the fans calling for “Fresh legged” Fleury to be played for the better half of the game, but thankfully Vokoun managed.  During this series the largely underestimated N.Y Islanders were faster; they outshot the Penguins and were very aggressive.  For a team who was only expected to be a road bump in the Penguins play off season, the NY Islanders threatened to take the Penguins to a Game 7 last night as they were opened up scoring during the first period and held the lead during the majority of the game.  The Penguins have been quick to tie the game during this series, Sidney Crosby back handed the puck in with ease to tie the game at 1-1 during the first period.  With one minute left in the first period the Islanders claimed the lead again, forcing the Penguins to enter period two behind, 2-1. The Islanders have been fast, always pushing the pace of the game and Game 6 was no exception, where the Penguins struggled to keep up.  It almost seemed as if the Penguins would run out of steam long before the third period, they were pushing so hard in the second period.  When the Islanders got their first power play the Penguins struggled to keep up a defense in front of their own net.  The Penguins continued to play a chip and chase game but against a much faster team it amounted to them passing the puck to the other team.  Finally, late in the second period Dupuis tied the game 2-2, there had been numerous close calls but the Penguins resurged, and with the experience and talent on their team, the Penguins appeared comfortable playing from behind.  Entering the third period the Islander reclaimed the lead, with the Penguins playing with a deficit once again, the Penguins finally managed to score at the last minute, sending Game 6 into over time.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute Pens!! The Penguins and Islanders entered a fast paced over time where it could have been anyone’s game and shots on goal strongly favored the Islanders.  Taking this series to a forced Game 7 by the Islanders could have been dangerous for the Penguins, or down right lethal.  As Byslma said of the Islanders: “They were a very good team, and they gave us every bit the battle for six games. They were dangerous, and we knew it. I am glad there will not be a seventh game.” The Islanders had some solid chances during over time but Orpik made the winning goal. The Penguins will move on to Round 2 and face the Ottawa Senators.  

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