Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Will we bid farewell to the Rangers tomorrow?

Last night the Boston Bruins denied the New York Rangers for the third time during their round 2 series match up in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Rangers came into last night’s game down two games and on home ice they were gunning for a win.  Henrik Lundqvist played an exceptional game in net for the Rangers but it was not enough to win Game 3.  Early on the game looked promising for the Rangers, who opened up scoring, until they gave up two critical goals to the Bruins in the third period losing their third straight game of the series to the Bruins.  The Bruins dominated the first period but the Rangers found a way to put the pressure on the leaders.  Both teams had ample scoring opportunities in the second period, the Bruins out shot the Rangers 14-5 testing the skills of Lundqvist but trailed 1-0 after 40 minutes of play.  The Rangers had a very physical defense in the third period and with the Bruins leading on shots (23-16) and faceoffs (19-16) the ice was leaning in their direction. Boston’s momentum shift came when Boychuk scored through traffic and he set off the electric final 16 minutes of play.  Nearing the end of the third period with 3:31 remaining, Lundqvist blocked a shot by Thornton that popped up and landed just short of the red line. Daniel Paille poked the rebounded puck into the net, taking the lead 2-1 for the Bruins with time running out the Rangers were in trouble. The game ended in regulation with the Bruins claiming the series 3-0, with one more victory the Bruins will knock the Rangers out of the playoffs. This game was not easily won, there was some casualties, rough and determined play on each end of the ice. The Rangers have been struggling with the power play during this series.  With their playoff dreams hanging by a tread and not much time to adjust the power play what will John Tortorella do? Tortorella had been very vocal about Hagelin who, “sucks on the power play” but Tortorella put Hagelin on the power play during the game last night and he had a lot of positive momentum and a really nice shot on goal.  It seems that the Rangers power play just “sucks” in general.  The Bruins and the Rangers will face off again tomorrow.  Will we bid farewell to the Rangers tomorrow?

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